Class UntrustedOmemoIdentityException

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    public class UntrustedOmemoIdentityException
    extends Exception
    Exception that gets thrown when we try to en-/decrypt a message for an untrusted contact. This might either be because the user actively untrusted a device, or we receive a message from a contact which contains an identityKey that differs from the one the user trusted.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • UntrustedOmemoIdentityException

        public UntrustedOmemoIdentityException​(OmemoDevice device,
                                               OmemoFingerprint fpTrusted,
                                               OmemoFingerprint fpUntrusted)
        Constructor for when we receive a message with an identityKey different from the one we trusted.
        device - device which sent the message.
        fpTrusted - fingerprint of the identityKey we previously had and trusted.
        fpUntrusted - fingerprint of the new key which is untrusted.
      • UntrustedOmemoIdentityException

        public UntrustedOmemoIdentityException​(OmemoDevice device,
                                               OmemoFingerprint untrustedKey)
        Constructor for when encryption fails because the user untrusted a recipients device.
        device - device the user wants to encrypt for, but which has been marked as untrusted.
        untrustedKey - fingerprint of that device.