Class StaleDeviceException

    • Constructor Detail

      • StaleDeviceException

        public StaleDeviceException​(OmemoDevice device,
                                    Date lastMessageDate,
                                    Date lastDeviceIdPublicationDate)
        This exception gets thrown if a message cannot be encrypted for a device due to the device being inactive for too long (stale).
        device - OmemoDevice.
        lastMessageDate - date of the last received message from the device.
        lastDeviceIdPublicationDate - date on which the device ID was last published via pubsub.
    • Method Detail

      • getLastMessageDate

        public Date getLastMessageDate()
        Return the date on which the last OMEMO message sent from the device was received.
        last messages date
      • getLastDeviceIdPublicationDate

        public Date getLastDeviceIdPublicationDate()
        Return the date of the last time the deviceId was republished after being inactive/non-existent before.
        date of last deviceId (re)publication.