Interface ConnectionMultiplexerSession

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    ChannelHandler<org.xmpp.packet.Packet>, RoutableChannelHandler, Session
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    public interface ConnectionMultiplexerSession
    extends Session
    Represents a session between the server and a connection manager.

    Each Connection Manager has its own domain. Each connection from the same connection manager uses a different resource. Unlike any other session, connection manager sessions are not present in the routing table. This means that connection managers are not reachable entities. In other words, entities cannot send packets to connection managers but clients being hosted by them. The main reason behind this design decision is that connection managers are private components of the server so they can only be contacted by the server. Connection Manager sessions are present in SessionManager but not in RoutingTable. Use SessionManager.getConnectionMultiplexerSessions(String) to get all sessions or ConnectionMultiplexerManager.getMultiplexerSession(String) to get a random session to a given connection manager.

    Gaston Dombiak