Class LocalMUCUser

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ChannelHandler<org.xmpp.packet.Packet>, MUCUser

    public class LocalMUCUser
    extends Object
    implements MUCUser
    Representation of users interacting with the chat service. A user may join several rooms hosted by the chat service. That means that we are going to have an instance of this class for the user and several MUCRoles for each joined room. This room occupant is being hosted by this JVM. When the room occupant is hosted by another cluster node then an instance of RemoteMUCRole will be used instead.
    Gaston Dombiak
    • Method Detail

      • isJoined

        public boolean isJoined()
        Returns true if the user is currently present in one or more rooms.
        true if the user is currently present in one or more rooms.
      • getRoles

        public Collection<LocalMUCRole> getRoles()
        Get all roles for this user.
        Iterator over all roles for this user
      • addRole

        public void addRole​(String roomName,
                            LocalMUCRole role)
        Adds the role of the user in a particular room.
        roomName - The name of the room.
        role - The new role of the user.
      • removeRole

        public void removeRole​(String roomName)
        Removes the role of the user in a particular room. Note: PREREQUISITE: A lock on this object has already been obtained.
        roomName - The name of the room we're being removed
      • getLastPacketTime

        public long getLastPacketTime()
        Get time (in milliseconds from System currentTimeMillis()) since last packet.
        The time when the last packet was sent from this user
      • getAddress

        public org.xmpp.packet.JID getAddress()
        Obtain the address of the user. The address is used by services like the core server packet router to determine if a packet should be sent to the handler. Handlers that are working on behalf of the server should use the generic server hostname address (e.g.
        Specified by:
        getAddress in interface MUCUser
        the address of the packet handler.
      • process

        public void process​(org.xmpp.packet.Packet packet)
                     throws UnauthorizedException,
        This method does all packet routing in the chat server. Packet routing is actually very simple:
        • Discover the room the user is talking to
        • If the room is not registered and this is a presence "available" packet, try to join the room
        • If the room is registered, and presence "unavailable" leave the room
        • Otherwise, rewrite the sender address and send to the room.
        Specified by:
        process in interface ChannelHandler<org.xmpp.packet.Packet>
        packet - The stanza to route
        roomName - The name of the room that the stanza was addressed to.
        preExistingRole - The role of this user in the addressed room prior to processing of this stanza, if any.
        UnauthorizedException - if not allowed to process the packet.
        PacketException - thrown if the packet is malformed (results in the sender's session being shutdown).
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object