Class DefaultAuthorizationPolicy

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    public class DefaultAuthorizationPolicy
    extends Object
    implements AuthorizationPolicy
    Different clients perform authentication differently, so this policy will authorize any principal to a requested user that match specific conditions that are considered secure defaults for most installations. Keep in mind if a client does not request any username Java copies the authenticated ID to the requested username.
    • If the authenticated ID is in the form of a plain username, and the requested user is in the form of a plain username, then the two must be exactly the same.
    • If the authenticated ID contains an '@', then the portion before the '@' must match exactly the requested username and the portion after the '@' must match at least one of the following:
      • The XMPP domain of the server
      • The SASL realm of the server
      • Be in the list of acceptable realms
    • If the requested username contains an '@' then the portion before the '@' will be considered the requested username only if the portion after the '@' matches the XMPP domain of the server or the portion after the '@' in the authenticated ID, if any.
    Jay Kline
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      • DefaultAuthorizationPolicy

        public DefaultAuthorizationPolicy()
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      • authorize

        public boolean authorize​(String username,
                                 String authenID)
        Returns true if the principal is explicitly authorized to the JID
        Specified by:
        authorize in interface AuthorizationPolicy
        username - The username requested.
        authenID - The authenticated ID (principal) requesting the username.
        true if the authenticated ID is authorized to the requested user.
      • name

        public String name()
        Returns the short name of the Policy
        Specified by:
        name in interface AuthorizationPolicy
        The short name of the Policy
      • description

        public String description()
        Returns a description of the Policy
        Specified by:
        description in interface AuthorizationPolicy
        The description of the Policy.